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    Brand Profile

    Truck & Trailer Lighting Products

    The legendary TRUCK-LAMP brand is recognised and trusted worldwide as an industry leader in truck, bus and trailer lighting. Truck-Lamp carries the most extensive and complete range of LED and incandescent Stop/Tail and combination, side markers, strobes, bar lamps, work/driving lamps, utility and forklift lamps. The SABS and E-MARK stamps of approval throughout the range make it one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our range is ever evolving to stay up to date with new technologies, trends and safety regulations. We are proud to boast Truck-Lamp as the flag ship brand under the C&J offering.

    Truck to Trailer Connections

    Truck-Link covers all air brake and electrical connector requirements between your truck and trailer. Our range includes everything from electrical suzi coils, plugs, sockets and connectors, wireless trailer lighting connections and mounting accessories. Our Air Brake products cover brake booster, suzi hoses, polyamide tubing and a wide range of fittings, quick couplers, bulkhead fittings and union. To uphold quality standards our electrical suzi’s are made from resilient polyurethane and PA12 to ensure coils are UV, weather and are grease and oil resistant to maintain shape and durability. Truck-link complies with South Africa’s ABS braking system laws.

    Stirling Accessories

    Acquired in 2021, Stirling is the newest member of C&J Services’ offering. Founded in 1949, Stirling is a landmark in KZN manufacturing for truck and trailer accessories and we are very proud to continue this legacy. The Stirling brand is a welcome addition with its vast knowledge, experience, energy saving processes and the strength that comes with the Stirling name. This brand of accessories offers mirrors, mirror arms, lamps, venetian blinds, electrical plugs and a selection of truck and bus hardware. Stirling accessories are synonymous with quality, value and with the SABS backing it was a seamless fit with C&J’s standards and values in business.

    C&J Mechanical Parts and Accessories

    The C&J Services brand boasts the largest and most extensive range of products. It covers everything from brake, chassis, axle and suspension parts to a complete range of accessories for your truck and trailer. To help the customer navigate this rage as easily and efficiently as possible we have arranged the “mechanical parts” offering into clear and concise categories. One can search through the range by vehicle section and further part by part. Alternatively, one can search by vehicle manufacturer application. Both these options catalogue further with subcategories, specs, applications, references and images of all products to ensure the customer can make the most informed purchase possible. The parts under this range are constantly evolving and expanding to create an all-inclusive shopping experience for our customers.